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Manager of Pipelines

Vice President of Operations

Chief Geologist


Manager Operations

Senior Reservoir Engineer

Land Negotiation Manager

Senior Business Development Professionals

Chief Geologist/Chief Geophysicist

Senior Exploration Geologist

Senior Exploration Petrophysicist

General Manager – Steep Bank Earth LP

Manager of Human Resources

Manager of Reservoir Engineering

Senior Drilling & Completions Specialist

Chief Geologist

Health, Safety & Environmental Coordinator

Senior Geophysicist

Vice President New Ventures

Vice President of Engineering (VPE)

General Manager, Mine Site Operations

Facilities/Operations Engineering
Reservoir Engineering

Senior Business Development Professionals

Eastern Area Manager

Manager, Operations Engineering

Manager - Mineral Land

Senior Development Geologist

Oil & Gas Research Analyst

Chief Operating Officer

Manager, Operations

Senior Manager Logistics

General Manager

Senior Environmental Coordinator

Chief Well Engineer

Senior Staff Drilling Engineer

Reservoir/Exploitation Engineering Specialist

Manager Land Business Services

Senior Geophysicist: Western USA

Reservoir Engineering Manager

Vice President of Exploitation

Senior Land & Commercial Advisor -NA Frontiers

Senior A&D Negotiator - NA Business Development

Senior Development Geologist

Senior Geophysicist: Western USA

Senior Drilling & Completions Engineering Superintendent

Manager Business Development

Drilling Superintendent & Completions Superintendent

Exploration Manager: Foothills/Frontier

Senior Geologist

Senior Drilling & Completions Engineer

Senior Exploitation Engineer

Senior Technical: Petroleum

Completions Superintendent

Senior Engineering Analyst Reserves Specialist

Senior Geological Modeling Specialist